Transform your space with a
stunning vertical garden

5 Year Guarantee

All our 'UV Protected' green wall and vertical garden panels are backed by our 5 year fade and crack guarantee.

100% Home Safe

No lead, mercury or toxic chemicals are used in our greenery for your safety.

Fast + Free Delivery

Your green wall panels will be sent to your door. You can expect your wall to arrive 1-5 days for most orders from Wyoming, USA.

Ultra Realistic Greenery

We mirror the best parts of nature so you can enjoy it without maintenance.

5 Year Guarantee

All our 'UV Protected' green wall and vertical garden panels are backed by our 5 year fade and crack guarantee.

Fast + Free Delivery

Your green wall panels will be sent to your door. You can expect your wall to arrive 1-5 days for most orders from California, USA.

Ultra Realistic Greenery

We mirror the best parts of nature so you can enjoy it without maintenance.

Invest in a vertical garden that won't fade or crack

Many artificial vertical garden suppliers sell their green panels at a low price. They may even say they are UV friendly.

However, more often than not these panels have been sprayed with a sealant or chemical, and won't last compared to Designer Plants vertical gardens which have the UV Protection built in during the production stage.

We have independently tested the quality and longevity of our walls over many years to ensure that your greenery stays colorful no matter the weather.

We are so sure of our high quality UV Protected range that we offer a 5 year guarantee.

For our other ranges we offer a limited UV protection.

See the product details for further information on the guarantee for your wall panel.

Your guarantee is a USA certified warranty that your vertical garden won't crack or fade.

A photo of a competitor green wall that has lower quality materials and less UV protection
A lower end quality product that has faded over time
A photo of our customer green wall after we installed it 18 months before - Still green - Designer Plants USA
A photo of a client using Designer Plants high quality panels 18 months after install

The benefits of an artifical vertical garden

Thinking about transforming your space?

Adding a touch of greenery to your garden, home or commercial environment
is the perfect way to uplift a space or bring new ‘life’ to it.

Living vertical garden walls can pose allergy risks or pollen - Choose Artificial Greenery - Designer Plants USA

Allergy free and safe

Our high quality artificial vertical gardens are made with your safety in mind. We only use ROHS compliant and allergen-free materials to mirror a real life plant. Providing you with a safe option for your home or business. Unlike real walls, our artificial panels are mold resistant.

Living greenery needs to be cut and trimmed back for overgrowth - Choose Artificial Green Walls - Designer Plants USA

No maintenance time or costs

Imagine looking outside and seeing a stunning green vertical garden every morning. Sometimes living walls are not an option especially when you consider the ongoing cost and effort they require to maintain them. With artificial vertical garden plants you won't need to pay a gardener, trim your wall or worry about overgrowth.

Studies show that greenery can be good for wellbeing and mental health - Designer Plants USA

Wellbeing and mental health

Studies show that by adding colours or greenery into our spaces, we can help to improve overall wellbeing and mental health. This comes from our human desire to seek nature, also referred to as the study of 'biophilia'. Research shows that adding greenery can also boost productivity in office environments.

Real plants can consume energy and need fertilizer or pesticides - Choose Artificial Green Panels - Designer Plants USA

Environmentally conscious

Living walls may sound eco-friendly at first glance. However, when you consider that these walls often require fertilizers, ongoing maintenance and possibly pesticides or chemicals to keep bugs away, artificial vertical gardens can be seen as more environmentally conscious, especially in drought prone areas.

Frequently asked questions

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Installation will depend on the surface you wish to install the artificial vertical garden on.

We recommend you see our detailed how to install guide here for more information including install videos. 

The beauty of our superior manufacturing process, is that we’ve designed our high quality green wall panels with a grid like back structure.

Our snap and lock grid means you can easily cut along the grid lines to find the custom shape you need for your installation.

The options are endless as you can even shape the panel to be circular if required. Remember to use cable ties or a staple gun to keep the wall pieces in place.

When cutting, if any loose stems are on your vertical garden, we recommend you consider removing these as a precaution. 

If this does not suit, you can contact us for a custom design quote here and our design experts will get back to you.

All of our Designer Plants USA range has a UV protection built into the panels.

For our ‘UV Protected’ green walls these contain the most advanced sun shield protection. These walls are backed by a 5 year guarantee. However, we have seen them last beyond 20 years for many happy green wall clients.

Other products in our range which don’t have the name ‘UV Protected’ will have a limited UV product guarantee. This is because in testing or with those particular materials, we believe the product will last a few years less to our advanced ‘UV Protected’ range.

You can therefore use your vertical garden and green wall panels indoors and outdoors.

All of our products are made with ROHS compliant materials.

ROHS stands for ‘Resistriction of Hazardous Substances’.

All our products do not contain the following materials:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Hexavalent Chromium
  • Polybrominated Biphenyls
  • Polybrominated diphenyether


Note: Not all artificial greenery providers sell ROHS compliant green walls. We don’t use these chemicals as we believe in an artificial greenery product made from 100% home and human safe materials. 

Our green wall panels have ultra-violet (UV) Protection built into the panels. This unique production process ensures that the panels will last and stay green for longer than second rate or subpar products in the market. 

We use a scientifically tested developed UV polymer. This specially formulated UV protector has been designed within modern laboratories to provide long-lasting protection. The protection results in long lasting color protection along with preventon against cracking.

Our returns policy allows for exchange or refund of purchase for up to 14 days, except when it is due to change of mind, or is a result of the purchasers error.

We believe in high quality artificial greenery only.

Our range is made with the highest quality materials available today.

Many of our competitors will sell green walls that are of a lower quality. 

That means when you purchase Designer Plants artificial greenery you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Life-like and ultra realistic greenery
  • Lush wall panels with more stems across the panel
  • Strong and unique grid backing on each panel
  • Easy installation snap and lock system
  • UV Protection built in to stop fading or cracking
  • 5 year guarantee on our ‘UV Protected’ range
  • 100% safe materials, ROHS compliant
  • 100% recyclable green panels
  • Top notch customer service from a leading supplier worldwide

We ship our artificial vertical garden panels daily to customers across the United States of America.

Typically you can expect your green walls to arrive in 1-5 days from the date we receive and process your order.

We will let you know of when your order is being sent so you have a greater idea of when to expect the delivery.

If convenient, you can also state a different shipment address to your billing one. So if your workplace or friend can be home for the order, this may be convenient for you. 

All USA orders include free shipping. We pay the shipping for you, so you can enjoy your greenery.

At the moment our artificial vertical garden range is only available online to the public.

If you need help with selecting a green wall or prefer a custom job, contact our design expert team here.

Yes you can mix the vertical garden panels with ease.

Our unique grid backing, means you can cut along the grid lines to cut and shape the wall whichever way you like.

You can also choose to order multiple panels and play with the textures or colors further.

There are plenty of options to explore with our high quality green walls.

With the exception of our Ivy roll and expandable trellis, your green wall box will include multiple square metre panels. See the product measurements to work out how many panels you’ll receive.

If you are unsure how many panels you need, you can use our panel calculator here

Still have a question? Contact us here.

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