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Faux Evergreen Moss Mat 33 SQ FT UV Resistant

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Outdoor Faux Evergreen Moss Panels from RealTex materials are perfect for adding a natural and sustainable touch of green to any wall or surface.

A Premium Look & Finish!

Evergreen Moss is Made From a Proprietary Mold & Prime Virgin Resins

Designer Plants is a global brand and the leader in artificial foliage receiving numerous awards for its quality. Designer Plants only uses grade A+ premium new (not recycled) LDPE and not low quality, toxic and harmful standard Polyethylene (PE) for the Evergreen Moss mat panels.

Easy to Install

Sent direct to your door. You can install in minutes, not days. No complex tools required.

Life-like Density & Appearance

We mirror nature to create high quality artificial green walls that look like the real thing, in texture and color.

100% Recyclable Materials

Made with safe non-toxic materials for the safety of your home, business or family.