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Boston Ivy Green Wall 33SQ FT UV Resistant

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Your friends and guests will be envious over this beautiful Boston Ivy Green Wall. Unlike the real ivy kind, this edition is artificial and not poisonous. The beauty of this Ivy green wall pack is also that your Ivy Green Wall won't overgrow your space.


  • 3 square metres
  • 33 square foot
  • By using the fake kind, you won't need to hire a gardener. Or worry about the cons real Ivy can present to your building structure.
  • With UV protection built-in, this wall is great for indoors and outdoors.
  • Zero maintenance means you can enjoy your green wall each day, without fuss or hassle.

Why choose the Boston Ivy Green Wall?

  • Life-like foilage for your space.
  • Ideal for walls, fences and balconies.
  • UV Protected so your Boston Ivy won't fade or crack for years to come.
  • Customize by cutting the Ivy to shape or shape you need.
This panel pack is very dense in texture and a stunning green wall to add to your evergreen garden.

Easy to Install

Sent direct to your door. You can install in minutes, not days. No complex tools required.

Life-like Density & Appearance

We mirror nature to create high quality artificial green walls that look like the real thing, in texture and color.

100% Recyclable Materials

Made with safe non-toxic materials for the safety of your home, business or family.