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Artificial Wild Tropics Living Wall 28SQ FT UV Resistant

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Artificial Green Wall / Plant Wall Panel - Wild Tropics Foliage

Would you like a stunning outlook that requires no on-going maintenance or gardening skills? Well, now with our stunning stress-free aesthetically please plant panels you can!

Every panel has been made with nature in mind, ensuring that every design and plant replicates nature to ensure you have a truly superb green wall that others will envy.

The beautiful Artificial Wild Tropics Living Wall is the latest addition that show-cases super tropical foliage, faux grasses and dense ivy leaves which makes it perfect for the discerning decorator; whether at home, or in the office you'll love your new green vista.

Details of your Wild Tropics Living Walls

Installation: Quickly and easily install your living wall by screwing it directly onto any surface using the appropriate screws. Alternatively, you can cable tie or hang the panels from hooks. 

Note: each panel can be cut to size with scissors, and easily connected together using the clips and lugs, or cable ties.

Size: 20-in. x 40-in. rectangle mat panels that are easily connected (28SQ FT) - 5 Pieces inlcuded.

Cleaning: Super easy: Simply use water to wash your living wall down.



RealTex Wild Tropics Living Wall is Made From a Proprietary Mold & Prime Virgin Resins known as RealTex -  We certainly don't cut any corners when developing our Artificial Living Walls - By using the highest quality virgin resins, a proprietary mold, and a stringent two-step quality assurance verification process you won't be disappointed.

Easy to Install

Sent direct to your door. You can install in minutes, not days. No complex tools required.

Life-like Density & Appearance

We mirror nature to create high quality artificial green walls that look like the real thing, in texture and color.

100% Recyclable Materials

Made with safe non-toxic materials for the safety of your home, business or family.