Jasmine Green Wall 32.29 square foot UV Protected



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Jasmine Green Wall 32.29 square foot UV Protected



Looking for something elegant and stylish? Jasmine Green Wall is for you.

This delightful Jasmine Leaf green wall consists of a delicate blend of green and yellow color leaves.


3 square metres

32.29 square foot

Our artificial greenery is made to be ultra-realistic. Hence, we’ve ensured there’s a minimalist blend of color tones within these high-quality leaves.

Perfect to decorate indoors and outdoors with your UV Protection built into the panel so it will not fade or crack on you.

Jasmine Green Wall benefits

  • Great for a home, office space, on your fence or porch
  • Easy to install, no complex tools required
  • Highly versatile vertical garden solution
  • No maintenance required
  • Cut to shape and mix and match wherever you like


This Jasmine Green Wall pack can be installed within minutes, not hours. Thankfully with its UV Protection and high-quality material, your Jasmine leaf green wall will remain full of ‘life’ and color for many years to enjoy.