Green Tropics Green Wall 53.81 square foot UV Protected



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Green Tropics Green Wall 53.81 square foot UV Protected



Ever wanted to create your own rainforest vibe?

The Green Tropics Green Wall UV Protected pack is the ideal solution for your space.

The Designer Plants range is produced using plastics that can be recycled, colour stabilised and are carefully checked to ensure realismĀ – they are not tacky, nor are they your ‘standard cheap fake plants’ all too many people sell.

These lush green panels embody the spirit of a tropical rainforest with dense green ivy leaves, rainforest ferns and branches.

Add this screen to your space to add some ‘life’ or colour to your space.

Our UV Protection built-in to the green wall panel will mean you can install this green wall pack indoors or outdoors. It’s all up to you!


53.81 square foot

5 square metres

Inspiration for your green tropics rainforest

  • Install as a bathroom feature
  • Add to a drab wall
  • Create your own rainforest oasis
  • Decorate ceilings with this green wall
  • Add a touch of forest greenery to your office
  • Make it an artwork feature

Incredibly effective and life-like appearance makes this Green Tropics Green Wall an easy choice.

Benefits of our tropical green wall

  • Easy to install: no complex tools required
  • Snap & Lock with our unique grid system
  • UV Protected: Because every rainforest gets sun
  • Low maintenance: Rust-proof and Mould resistant fibres
  • No water required for this tropical forest pack

This pack includes 5 square metres of UV Protected Green Tropics panels. If your space is smaller, remember you can cut to shape the green wall pack and place it elsewhere as a decoration. You could even use it on your ceiling or to hide another unsightly part of your home or business space.

Note: Due to the Green Tropics rainforest green wall being lush with branches, ferns and ivy – in high wind areas we do recommend you add additional cable ties to your stems, so they stay secure in place for longer.