Expandable Silk Ivy Trellis



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Expandable Silk Ivy Trellis



Want to add ivy to your space but fear the overgrowth? Don’t worry, this expandable silk ivy trellis is what you’ve been waiting for.


2.1 foot x 4.25 and expands to 8.16 foot x 2.5 foot.

26″x 51″ expands to 98″ x 30″ expanded

Silky Ivy Trellis benefits

Featuring beautiful silk ivy leaves on the front and a solid Willow wood frame on the back, perfect for your space. You can use to add some color to a fence, decorate a tired space or create a unique 365 degree look.

Use to perfect your backyard, balcony, deck, fence or commercial space.

The highly realistic appearance of this artificial ivy will make guests (and even you) question whether this expandable artificial green trellis is faux or not.

Easy to install within minutes by expanding the trellis. You can add to vertical or horizontal space, however you desire.

Product guarantee

This product has a three year guarantee for fading and cracking.

Use inside or outdoors.