Boxwood Green Wall 32.29 square foot UV Protected



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Boxwood Green Wall 32.29 square foot UV Protected



Have you got a nosy neighbor? Our Boxwood Green Wall panel pack can instantly give you the privacy you deserve.

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy your yard or home without the worry of someone looking over into your space, then now is the time to add some boxed green wall hedges.


3 square metres

32.29 square foot

This artificial Boxwood hedge is cost-effective and easy to install. It will be the perfect hideaway for your space and stay green all year round.

Unlike other green walls out there, these artificial Boxwood green wall panels are made with durable and high-quality green leaves. The leaves are ultra life-like so you can enjoy the greenery at its finest quality and detail.

Install these panels in your home, office or shop. Or wherever you desire.

Benefits of our Boxwood green wall

  • Evergreen hedge panel suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • UV Protection so your boxed hedge won’t fade in the sun
  • No trimming your hedge
  • Cut to the shape you desire and easy to install


Your green boxed hedge comes as a package. The panels can be joined together with ease using our snap and lock grid-like system. You can also cut around the grid on the back of the hedge to create something more custom to your liking.